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Ameritemps Inc. provides staffing solutions for nearly any business or industry. We can staff most positions withing 24 hours.

Premier Temp Agency Serving the Delaware Valley

Running a business isn’t always predictable. Longtime employees can unexpectedly leave, and temporary gaps (that may not justify hiring a new full-time worker) can appear without warning. A staffing agency can provide a solution to such problems. Our company will be able to offer the support that you need. Employee leasing can handle many of the services that are in high-demand at an office environment: HR, sales, support, and much more. Such services can be as versatile as the situation requires. As a temp agency, we understand that accepting anybody onto your payroll, even only for a short time, poses a potential risk. It is for this reason that we perform comprehensive alcohol and drug screening on each prospective temp.

You can learn more about our staffing agency by contacting Ameritemps in Camden, NJ at 856-966-0999. As your premier Staffing Service, we specialize in Temporary Staffing, Permanent Placement, and Temp to Permanent Placement.

We do the recruiting and run the background checks. We compute and process the payroll.

We offer affordable, qualified, pre-screened temporary workers.

Prompt turnaround, guaranteed performance, and courteous, professional service.

Charge to a credit card, or we will bill you on 30, 60 or 90-day terms. Or take our prompt-pay discount.